Monday, June 23, 2014

Preparing for Natural Disasters

What are the riskiest spots in the U.S.? This natural disaster chart shares the calculated risk of natural disasters in specific areas in the U.S. Our insurance experts are here to help you understand the ins and outs of insuring your assets. They are experienced in helping you secure the best policy for you. Call us to learn more today (561) 586-0029.

Using Your 401(k) to Fund Your Business Start-Up?

This article tackles the tough decision of when it's a good idea to start up a business. Many near term retirees are considering tapping into their 401(k) plans to fund their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The rule of thumb is to stay away from your retirement savings until it's time for your to retire. Read the stories of business owners who chose to take a different route.
As he researched financing options, he came across ROBS, or Rollovers as Business Startups. These allow people to use the money in their 401(k) to start a business (or buy an existing one) without paying taxes on the withdrawn funds or getting hit with an early withdrawal penalty. The process can be pretty complicated, however. First, you must incorporate a business and open a new 401(k) plan under it. Then you roll your existing 401(k) funds into the new plan. Since both accounts are tax-exempt, you avoid taking the tax hit. As owner of the new company, you can now direct what the 401(k) invests in. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect your business from threatening liabilities with commercial auto insurance. Our policies provide comprehensive protection for bodily injury and property damage caused by company-owned vehicles, as well as non-owned vehicles, used for the business. Be sure to read the fine print, because not all insurance companies will disclose the hidden components of the policy up front. Before buying commercial auto insurance, make sure that the insurance company’s credentials are intact. Contact our insurance experts for more information and for great insurance quotes.

Is Google Getting into Insurance?

Google commands the world of internet information. So what about taking a position in the insurance industry? It may be in the cards for Google. Studies show that in less than six years ore than 75% of insurance quotes will be attained online. The insurance industry is one of the top players in Google Adwords spending over $4 billion dollars per year in online advertising. Learn more about Google's future plans in insurance.
So far, Google has managed to capitalize on this information through keyword advertising through AdWords. A glance at the keyword advertising data shows that insurance and other financial services are the top spenders, with a combined annual spend of $4 billion according to Google AdWords and Wordstream statistics. The absolute greatest vertical in Google’s AdWords revenue is auto insurance, where State Farm, Progressive and GEICO alone accounted for $110 million in keyword advertising revenue.

Health Insurance in Your Twenties

If you're in your twenties you may feel you have all the time in the world to start planning out your financial future and health insurance. This article highlights wise insurance strategies for those in their twenties. Learn the best ways to navigate the insurance process. Contact our insurance experts for more information.
With the Affordable Care Act, twenty-somethings now have the opportunity to remain on their parents' plan until they reach the age of 26. While this is good news for the struggling grad-students, this also means that some of you (or most of you) will choose to remain uninformed about health insurance options until it's absolutely necessary. If you want to be prepared, the list below outlines the options available for individuals between the ages of 18 and 29. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's Included in My Homeowner's Insurance?

Ever wondered what's included in your homeowner's insurance? Your homeowner’s insurance covers your house, permanent fixtures and fittings, garden walls, gates, fence, pool, and your personal belongings.
This policy protects you from specific types of home-related accidents and incidents. The most common types are fire, theft, and vandalism. In case you are unable to stay in your home due to accidents or other incidents, the policy provides additional living expenses, such as hotel expenses. It also provides liability protection. Ideally, the amount of coverage should be sufficient to replace your home and property, and also cover your liabilities. Want to learn ore about homeowner's insurance and other insurance types? We've added great information on insurance to our resource pages at

How Much Should Health Insurance Cost?

You should have as much health insurance as you can reasonably afford. That's a clear and simple enough rule. Unfortunately, nothing else about health insurance is either clear or simple. Your choices are more complex than ever. Rising costs and the efforts to control them are affecting your options almost daily. On top of that, employees are being asked to pay for a bigger portion of their companies' health insurance premiums, and insurers are trying to steer you to doctors and hospitals who have agreed to hold down costs. — Kiplinger

 The constantly changing procedures in the health care industry impact the changes in the health insurance industry, driving plan costs up and down. Those changes can make it very difficult to understand the way your current plan works or choosing the best plan for your specific health needs. Our team of insurance experts are here to help. Learn more about health insurance and how to find the right plan for you through our Insurance Resource tool.

Finding the Right Insurance For You

At B & B Insurance our customers are our first priority. We know that some companies make securing insurance for the things and people you love most more difficult than it has to be. We want to simplify the process and help you select the right insurance for you. We are a privately owned, independent insurance company in Lantana, FL. We know that a community is only as strong as its participants. That's why we're committed to serving the families of Lantana and beyond with quality service and genuine insurance guidance. If you're looking for the best insurance options for you we can help. Call to chat with one of our experienced insurance professionals today (561) 586-0029.

12 Insurance Myths to Avoid

There's nothing worse than assuming you've put everything in place to protect your assets only to discover you were misguided. In the case of insurance sometimes we look to those closest to us for advice. Over the years we collect bits and pieces of information, some valid and some flawed. Use this article to fact check your own beliefs about insurance.
Sometimes friends and family members offer bad advice, including tenuous, illogical and even illegal strategies, hoping to save you a few bucks. But the eventual losses can be huge. "When people shop for insurance, a lot of times they're looking for the best deal," says Ron Reitz, an independent insurance adjuster and president of Quality Claims Management in San Diego. We asked some insurance veterans about the bad advice they've heard over the years. Here's what makes them cringe. 

Senate's Health Plan to Improve VA Care

Thanks to the recent media blitz of falsified wait times in VA hospitals, big changes are in store for the healthcare of U.S. veterans. An aggressive proposal was passed by the Senate to solidify the improvement of U.S. military veterans. The first three years of the plan will cost the federal government about 35.5 billion initially. This article highlights the Senate's health plan and gives details on the potential improvements.
A preliminary analysis of the plan to let veterans seek care from non-VA providers shows it may ultimately cost about $50 billion a year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, Congress’s nonpartisan scorekeeper. Some of those costs would be offset by savings to Medicare, CBO said yesterday. “The cost of war does not end when the last shots are fired and the last missiles are launched,” Senate Veterans Affairs Chairman Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, said on the chamber floor. “The cost of war continues until the last veteran receives the care and benefits that he or she is entitled to and has earned."