Thursday, June 12, 2014

Senate's Health Plan to Improve VA Care

Thanks to the recent media blitz of falsified wait times in VA hospitals, big changes are in store for the healthcare of U.S. veterans. An aggressive proposal was passed by the Senate to solidify the improvement of U.S. military veterans. The first three years of the plan will cost the federal government about 35.5 billion initially. This article highlights the Senate's health plan and gives details on the potential improvements.
A preliminary analysis of the plan to let veterans seek care from non-VA providers shows it may ultimately cost about $50 billion a year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, Congress’s nonpartisan scorekeeper. Some of those costs would be offset by savings to Medicare, CBO said yesterday. “The cost of war does not end when the last shots are fired and the last missiles are launched,” Senate Veterans Affairs Chairman Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, said on the chamber floor. “The cost of war continues until the last veteran receives the care and benefits that he or she is entitled to and has earned."

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