Tuesday, April 28, 2015

West Palm Beach SunFest Begins Tomorrow

It's finally here! That one week every West Palm Beach resident counts down to. The one week everyone mysteriously calls off work early and heads down to the West Palm Beach Riverfront for five days of music, sunshine and barge parties. SunFest 2015 is here and this year is bigger than ever.

SunFest 2015

SunFest 2015 will take place over the course of five days on the waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach from April 29-May 3. The lineup features musical performances from Fall Out Boy, Hozier, BOSTON, Lenny Kravitz, Milkey Chance, 311, Kaskade, Matisyahu and much, much more. Between sets help yourself to food vendors, street-style entertainment, local artists and other festivities. Or head to the Captain Morgan Floating Oasis - three barges floating on the waterfront serving up Captain Morgan specialty drinks and rockin' tunes to dance the night away to.

SunFest 2015 Transportation & Parking

Downtown West Palm Beach has 21 parking lots and garages with parking rates ranging from $10 to $31 a day. Or you can reserve a spot in advance. Want to avoid the hassle of driving? Take the Tri-Rail. Tri-Rail is adding a late-night special train to its usual route on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for festival-goers. Or if you live in the West Palm Beach area ride your bike and park at the free bike valet.

Sunfest 2015 Tickets

SunFest 2015 tickets can be purchased online at www.sunfest.com or at South Florida Publix supermarkets. Tickets range from $40 for 1-day, $60 for 2-days or $80 for all five days.

Events like SunFest are just one reason B&B Insurance supports the local Lantana and South Florida community with world-class insurance. For prime coverage from a small-town Lantana insurance agency, visit www.bbinsure.com.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wearing a Health Tracker Can Get You Insurance Discounts

You probably got one over the holidays to help you stick to your health resolutions for the year; those rubbery little Fitbit bracelets that monitor your daily movement to help keep you moving. Now for the first time, an insurance agency is offering a life insurance discount to those who opt into their health monitoring program.

If opting into this life insurance program, you receive a Fitbit to monitor your every movement. Discounts can reach up to 15% for those who rack up points by exercising, sleeping right and living a healthy lifestyle. The better you perform, the better the discount.

However, not as many people are onboard with this idea as you might think due to its Big Brother-like qualities. No one wants to be banded and monitored 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the grand scheme of things, savings are only slight at best. And if you slack on meeting the program's standards, the bracelet will tell on you and result in losing the discount. Also, the Fitbit will monitor your every movement - locations you visit, heart rate, preferences, etc. - which will be stored in the insurance company's computers, leaving this personal information open to hackers.

All-in-all, health tracking for life insurance is a notable idea, but maybe not yet ready to meet the world just yet. After all, 67% of poll trackers voted 'No' when asked if they would be open to being monitored. If you're looking for life insurance done the good ole' fashion way, visit local Lantana Insurance Agency B&B Insurance. We're the insurance professionals who will always be there when you need us most.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Palm Beach Boat Insurance For Hurricane Season

Even though the 2015 Atlantic Hurrican Season doesn't begin until June 1st, it's never too early to think about boat insurance. And waiting for the first first hurricane to begin making its way across the Atlantic is not the time to be running around trying to find a safe place to moor your boat. Ever since Florida faced Hurricane Andrew in 1992, questions have been asked that has tweaked how boat insurance works in hurricane-prone areas. It protects you from personal and property damage to others, as well as to your boat. There are coverage options that guard you against vandalism and theft, offer "waterside" assistance and more.

So why must I buy boat insurance before the start of season? Well technically, you don't - but you'll pay for it. Boat insurance has a number of factors that require a lengthy shopping period and waiting to figure it out last minute will have you writing checks larger than expected.

Boat Insurance Freeze

If the storm's a comin' you better start runnin'. Once a hurricane appears on the radar, almost every insurance agency will put a hurricane freeze on boat coverage. All areas predicted within striking distance will be put on the freeze and insurance cannot be purchased at this time. In other words, you're on your own.

The Named Storm Deductible

The main difference between normal boat insurance and those in hurricane areas is an added deductible appropriately called the Named Storm Deductible. This will be applied in case of a Named Storm and will be applied before paying you off for your boat. These deductibles are typically 10%.

What's Your Hurricane Plan?

Before signing on, an insurance company is going to want to know your plan for your assets during a hurricane. Most South Florida insurance agencies will require you to move your boat to safe waters or secure it safely on land. The more proactive and detailed this plan, the better chance for more coverage. A well-thought out plan can lower your Named Storm Deductible to as low as 3%.

Don't get stuck downstream without a paddle - or an engine - this coming hurricane season. Talk to B&B Insurance Agency in Palm Beach County. Call us for a FREE quote and we'll get your boat insurance properly set up before Hurricane Ana even becomes a blip on the radar.

Friday, March 27, 2015

2015 Palm Beach International Boat Show

If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, then head down to Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach for The Palm Beach International Boat Show. This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the show and is expected to bring in more than 1000 boats and multi-million dollar yachts from around the world.

Show goers can walk alongside more than $1.2 billion in mega yachts at downtown West Palm Beach. While the most expensive yachts require an appointment with an agent to board, many of the other boats are boardable, and just about every yacht, boat, and dinghy is for sale.

This year is expected to the biggest year yet for the Palm Beach International Boat Show as a $375 million waterway development is underway in nearby Riviera Beach. The new Riviera Beach Marina will be built in phases over the next ten years. Along with ample docking slips, the marina - across the intercoastal from popular Peanut Island - will feature restaurants, retail shops, a promenade and over 400 residences.

Even if you're not looking to buy a boat this weekend, there's still tons to do down at the show. Boat show vendors have decked out their booths selling everything and anything aquatic.

The Palm Beach International Boat Show runs through Sunday and is expected to bring out more than 40,000 people during its four days. After buying a boat at the show, talk to local Lantana Insurance Agency B & B Insurance to discover your best boat insurance coverage.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Reach Millennials With Your Insurance Policy

Wake up Millennials. You may be young, but you're not that young. According to a recent Gallup poll, Millennials are the most likely group of customers to be actively disengaged with their insurance provider. This poses a huge challenge for insurance companies as Millennials are the largest generation group and hold the most spending power for coming years. If insurance companies fail to engage with Millennials, they not only risk losing a high-paying customer, but one that will stay with their insurance company for a long time.

The Millennial generation includes anyone born from 1980 - 1996. Though Millennials are classified as one of the hardest to reach generations, they're one of the most loyal. When a Millennial is engaged, they are likely to buy a wider variety of products, are less sensitive toward pricing, stay with the company longer and likely to recommend the insurance company to others.

To properly reach this distant generation, insurance companies must learn the fine art of building relationships. According to Gallup, there are seven key tactics insurance companies must use to engage with Millennials:
  • Offer family incentives
  • Offer specialized services
  • Ensure information security
  • Make it easy to make coverage changes online
  • Give them honest answers to the questions they seek
  • Equip them with what they need through multiple channels
  • Make it user interfaces easy to use and understand
It's not too late to reach this generation. Many Millennials are just now reaching adulthood where their real spending potential will come to play. Show Millennials how you can make their life easier by purchasing an insurance policy and you will most likely have a loyal customer for life.

If you're currently on the market for an insurance company CLICK HERE to request your free quotes - no strings attached. We are a private company based in Lantana, Florida. Our insurance professionals are always there to listen to you and understand your needs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lantana Insurance Agency - Coverage You Trust

Whether your coverage needs are big or small, sometimes a small town insurance agency is all you need. If you’re looking for a Lantana Insurance Agency then look no further than B&B Insurance Agency Inc.

B&B has been Lantana’s premier insurance agency and an integral part of the community, helping to protect the families and businesses that make Lantana the town it is. Lantana is one of Palm Beach County’s oldest communities, retaining the charm if its seaside fishing origins. There’s only one agency Lantana’s 10,627 residents entrust with insuring its ocean front land – B&B Insurance Agency.

B&B Insurance Agency sets the standard in coverage. Our clients are real people looking for protection with a plan and price customized for their individual budget. B&B Insurance Agency realizes that a one size fits all mindset does not in fact cover all. Rather, we supply our clients with dependable, world-class service that goes beyond the point of sale and works to understand our client’s needs. We are a private and independently owned Lantana Insurance Agency, eager to work round the clock to solve your problems.

While located in Lantana, B&B Insurance Agency serves clients both near and afar. Call us now, or email us at www.bbinsure.com and find out how we can help you secure your future!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

3 Tips for Better Life Insurance That You Already Know (But You Still Aren't Doing)

Shopping for life insurance can be a tedious task but don't let it overwhelm you. We have a few tips to help make your search a lot easier. No more feeling like you're being pushed around or overlooked. These tips will help you find the right policy for the right price for your family. Some of the tips listed below are common advice you may have heard already. The key to buying life insurance isn't knowing all of the insider tips. The key is in using the tips that you know.

1- Buy Life Insurance When You're Young
This is a very common tip for life insurance and it's also the most overlooked advice in the industry. Buying life insurance at a younger age usually places the policy at a much lower rate. In other words buying life insurance while you're young allows you to get a higher face amount for a much lower cost.

2-Don't Forget the Discounts
many consumers are unaware of discounts given for their method of payment. Many insurance companies offer discounted premium rates for clients who choose to pay their monthly insurance premiums automatically via electronic fund transfer and other electronic payment methods. There are also programs offering consumers discounted rates on annual insurance premiums. The insurance company encourages paying your policy in one lump sum to ensure that the policy remains in force regardless of financial hardships you may face in the future.

3- Only Use Licensed Insurance Providers
Using a licensed insurance provider not only offers consumers a sense of credibility it also adds to the strength of your policy. Life insurance is a tool used to secure the financial stability of your family's future. Don't place such a valuable asset under the management of an amateur or someone without the proper licensing. A professional insurance provider will cover all underwriting criteria  and routinely review your policy at regular intervals.

Now that you have the tips put them to use for protecting your future and your family! Contact our Lantana life insurance experts to get your free quote! Call 561-586-0029 for more information.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Palm Beach Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

You're in the market for new car insurance, but where to start? You should ask questions when comparing different companies. You can determine how much coverage you need by shopping around, evaluating your personal driving habits, and asking questions. Don't pay for more than you have to!

Ask yourself:

How much do you drive each week?
How old is your car?
Are you a (good) student?
Can you afford a higher deductible?
How is your credit score?
Do you belong to a professional group or organization?
Are you getting the best deal?

Palm Beach Insurance

In Palm Beach County, your car insurance rate depends heavily on the answers to the questions listed above. Drivers who take public transit to work and only use their vehicles sparingly tend to have lower rates. Older cars don't necessarily need collision coverage, as the monthly premium typically outweighs the replacement value of the vehicle. If you're a student, insurance companies often offer discounts in exchange for proof of good grades. If you can afford to pay for a higher deductible, your monthly rate will be significantly lower! If your credit score isn't the greatest, insurnace companies may charge you a higher rate in the likelihood that you may be more likely to file a claim after an accident.

Do you belong to a professional group or organization? Insurance companies may have a discount for you. Check out lists of eligible groups to see if you qualify! Before you buy coverage, do the math. The bigger discounts don't always add up to the most affordable auto insurance policy on paper. With B&B Auto Insurance, your best rate is our number one priority. For a free quote, call us at 561-586-0029 !

Friday, January 23, 2015

Insurance Agencies In Palm Beach County

As the third most populated county in Florida, Palm Beach County is included in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale- West Palm Beach Florida Metropolitan area. In area alone, it is the second largest county. With more than 2 million annual visitors, Palm Beach is a hotspot destination on the lower East Coast.

But a lot can happen that residents and visitors don't expect. A car accident, boat incident, or other untimely misfortune could derail a vacation or put a family's income on hold. You want insurance so that you won't have to worry if anything goes wrong. So why is it important to buy local? 

Local agencies can give you their time face to face. Come in and deal with a real face rather than a computer screen. You can develop a working relationship with a private agency. We'll make you feel like a person and not just a policy number.

If you are a resident of Palm Beach County or just looking for a Palm Beach County based Insurance Agency, B&B may be the right one for you. We are a private, independently owned company based in Lantana. You'll find our customer service friendly, and eager to help you around the clock. 

Call or email today to find out how we can help secure your future!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lantana Health Insurance

With B & B Insurance Agency's health coverage, you and your family have every reason to feel on top of the world – even when you’re visiting your doctor!

Health insurance plans offered*

Individual and family health insurance

Group health insurance

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans

Point of Service (POS) plans

Indemnity health insurance plans

Short-term health insurance plans

Dental health insurance plans

International travel health insurance plans

Although medical treatment is available without health insurance, it doesn’t make sense to pay the hefty out-of-pocket expenses. A major accident or illness, without health insurance, can bankrupt the average family. Buying Health Insurance for yourself and your family is probably the single best step you can take to ensure the personal and financial well being of your family

So get yourself a health insurance plan that protects you properly.

*Fill out our no-obligation Quote Form, or call us now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Employer Provided Insurance - Is It Enough?

Say you work for a company that offers all employees life insurance. The rates seem low; some may even be free. You feel protected because your job provides you with life insurance benefits. But how much coverage is enough coverage?

Don't forget the cautionary tale of the unfortunate husband and father who left his family financially burdened, leaving behind just 30,000 in benefits from the company policy given to him at work. Had he purchased an additional individual policy, his wife and children would have received enough to provide them with basic care for decades. Remember that employer-provided death benefits often neglect to include commissions, bonuses, and retirement contributions.

If you lose your job for whatever reason-- the company closes, you change jobs, or even switch from full-time to part-time-- your insurance benefits go out the window! Most people don't plan for an alternative coverage option in these cases, but it's important to make sure you're covered no matter what. Another similar issue to this one is job loss due to a sudden medical condition that would keep you from working... just when you need insurance the most.

Taking advantage of any free or inexpensive insurance offered to you by your employer is great, but should it be your only source of life insurance? Probably not. Jobs can be fleeting, and life can change forever in an instant. Remember to buy young, at your healthiest, when insurance premiums are lowest.

With an individual or family plan through B&B Insurance, you're always covered, no matter what your situation may be.