Friday, February 6, 2015

Palm Beach Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

You're in the market for new car insurance, but where to start? You should ask questions when comparing different companies. You can determine how much coverage you need by shopping around, evaluating your personal driving habits, and asking questions. Don't pay for more than you have to!

Ask yourself:

How much do you drive each week?
How old is your car?
Are you a (good) student?
Can you afford a higher deductible?
How is your credit score?
Do you belong to a professional group or organization?
Are you getting the best deal?

Palm Beach Insurance

In Palm Beach County, your car insurance rate depends heavily on the answers to the questions listed above. Drivers who take public transit to work and only use their vehicles sparingly tend to have lower rates. Older cars don't necessarily need collision coverage, as the monthly premium typically outweighs the replacement value of the vehicle. If you're a student, insurance companies often offer discounts in exchange for proof of good grades. If you can afford to pay for a higher deductible, your monthly rate will be significantly lower! If your credit score isn't the greatest, insurnace companies may charge you a higher rate in the likelihood that you may be more likely to file a claim after an accident.

Do you belong to a professional group or organization? Insurance companies may have a discount for you. Check out lists of eligible groups to see if you qualify! Before you buy coverage, do the math. The bigger discounts don't always add up to the most affordable auto insurance policy on paper. With B&B Auto Insurance, your best rate is our number one priority. For a free quote, call us at 561-586-0029 !

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