Thursday, February 19, 2015

3 Tips for Better Life Insurance That You Already Know (But You Still Aren't Doing)

Shopping for life insurance can be a tedious task but don't let it overwhelm you. We have a few tips to help make your search a lot easier. No more feeling like you're being pushed around or overlooked. These tips will help you find the right policy for the right price for your family. Some of the tips listed below are common advice you may have heard already. The key to buying life insurance isn't knowing all of the insider tips. The key is in using the tips that you know.

1- Buy Life Insurance When You're Young
This is a very common tip for life insurance and it's also the most overlooked advice in the industry. Buying life insurance at a younger age usually places the policy at a much lower rate. In other words buying life insurance while you're young allows you to get a higher face amount for a much lower cost.

2-Don't Forget the Discounts
many consumers are unaware of discounts given for their method of payment. Many insurance companies offer discounted premium rates for clients who choose to pay their monthly insurance premiums automatically via electronic fund transfer and other electronic payment methods. There are also programs offering consumers discounted rates on annual insurance premiums. The insurance company encourages paying your policy in one lump sum to ensure that the policy remains in force regardless of financial hardships you may face in the future.

3- Only Use Licensed Insurance Providers
Using a licensed insurance provider not only offers consumers a sense of credibility it also adds to the strength of your policy. Life insurance is a tool used to secure the financial stability of your family's future. Don't place such a valuable asset under the management of an amateur or someone without the proper licensing. A professional insurance provider will cover all underwriting criteria  and routinely review your policy at regular intervals.

Now that you have the tips put them to use for protecting your future and your family! Contact our Lantana life insurance experts to get your free quote! Call 561-586-0029 for more information.

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