Saturday, May 10, 2014

Financial Tips for the Self Employed

As the tides of business change so does the structure of business culture. There is a growing trend of freelancers, remote employees and independent contractors among the small business and corporate communities. The transition to more flexible work structures creates the need for unique management of one's finances and a strategic plan for future financial goals.
More and more of us have jobs that produce uneven incomes. We will make a lot of money one month, but then very little for the month or two after that. The lessons of how to make those fat times cover the lean times are particularly useful at this time with an uncertain economy weighing on everyone’s mind. Having an uneven or uncertain income, may seem like a tough road for the salaried employee, but it is an everyday way of life for millions of Americans who work as realtors, mortgage brokers, commissioned sales people, freelance consultants, and many more.

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